Five Reasons your kids should wear a face mask:

Masks are becoming a common sight on Barcelona streets. Do your kids need one too? Here at MasksForAll we think so, here are five reasons why: 


It’s legally required

The Spanish government has made wearing a face mask mandatory for children over 6 years old, and recommended it for 3-6 year olds. The rule applies in public spaces where maintaining a distance of at least two metres is not possible, and in all enclosed spaces which the public has access to. 


To protect others

Something many people don’t realise about face masks is that they protect those around the person wearing the mask as much as the wearer. The virus is spread through respiratory droplets which we all naturally emit as we breath and talk. They can travel up to eight metres with a sneeze or a cough. Covering the mouth and nose with a mask limits the spread of these respiratory droplets by creating a physical barrier. 

For reasons we don’t yet understand, kids don’t seem to be as badly affected by the virus as adults and especially older adults. But they can be carriers of the virus without showing any symptoms, so wearing a mask helps protect anyone they come into contact with – especially grandparents. 

To protect themselves

Although they’re not a guarantee against catching the virus, masks do help to protect kids from breathing in virus particles, especially if the mask fits well and is used with a filter. But you don’t have to breath the virus in to catch it – it can enter the body when someone touches a contaminated surface then touches their mouth or nose. We all know that kids touch everything, and it’s hard to keep up with the hand sanitizer gel. If a child is wearing a mask, they can’t touch their mouth or nose. 


Rollerblade girl with mask


As a reminder of other measures 

Masks alone are of course no guarantee against catching the virus – it’s very important to pay attention to other measures like hand washing and maintaining distances. For most of us, wearing a mask when outside still feels a little odd and unnatural, and it’s the same for kids. But the very fact it feels strange reminds us to observe distances and wash our hands. 

To show they’re making a contribution to the greater good

Wearing a mask is an altruistic act, it protects those around us, which in turn protects the health service and the hardworking people who run it. If everyone wore a mask in public spaces, it would help to slow the spread of the virus, which is benefits us all. Kids need to know what an important job they’re doing by wearing their masks, making their contribution to the greater good. And perhaps they will also set an example to adults who might be reluctant to wear a mask. After all, if a small child can make the effort to wear a mask to protect others, shouldn’t everyone? 


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