Are there environmentally friendly alternatives to mainstream cleaning supplies?

The environmental effects of packaging & detergents

All kinds of products require packaging, especially cleaning products like detergents. The issue is that packaging takes a lot of energy, water and other natural resources to produce. Over the last 30 years, the amount of natural resources used for packaging, including aluminium, tin, steel, sand (for glass) and trees (for paper and cardboard), has nearly doubled. When we throw away that packaging – most of it after only one use – these natural resources are lost.

Additionally, an increasing amount of waste is created by single-use packaging. This waste pollutes our air, water and soil. In fact, 1.9 million tonnes of packaging waste produces the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 860,000 cars. The litter it creates also ends up in areas where it can have harmful effects. For instance, packaging waste can block our stormwater drains and cause problems for wildlife. It also tends to end up in different bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Here it can be mistaken by marine life and birds as food, causing serious injuries.

Finally, despite being cheap and convenient, many mainstream detergents are brimming with synthetic chemicals like phosphates, chlorine and bleach. These chemicals can lead to runoff that pollutes our waterways, damaging delicate ecosystems.

Biodegradable Packaging & Ecological Detergents

EarthForAll offers various alternatives to mainstream cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly. ‘Eco-friendly’ can mean many things, but these detergents are free from harsh and potentially harmful ingredients. They feature only natural coloring and fragrance, if any. All our detergents are packaged in water-soluble film; an innovative product in the market. Moreover, the packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

One of our eco-friendly detergents is Flopp’s Ecological Detergent, available in packs of 16 and 70 capsules. This ecological laundry detergent is certified with the EU Ecolabel (ES-CAT/006/003) and the packaging that complies with the norm UNE-EN 14806, made out of renewable sources. The EU Ecolabel assesses the environmental effects of a product throughout its life cycle: raw materials’ consumption, manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal. It is granted to products that guarantee a high level of environmental protection. It is aimed at promoting products and services that help protect the environment. They must also demonstrate clear efficacy when compared to other products in the same category.

Thankfully, there’s no need to sacrifice washing performance for green credentials. Our eco-friendly detergents from brands are just as effective at freshening up your clothes as the mainstream alternatives!

What is EarthForAll?

EarthForAll is a shop where you can find a wide array of sustainable household items. All our products are made locally in Spain. Leaving behind single-use plastics and non-reusable items while investing in high quality reusable products can be a very efficient way of making your consumption practices more sustainable. Our products are reusable, practical, and useful for all members of the family. From hygiene and cleaning supplies to school items and baby care products, the EarthForAll shop provides sustainable household items with high quality in mind.