MasksForAll features in Condis advertisment

Something made us look twice at the new Condis advertisement – yes, some of the models in the video are wearing masks from MasksForAll!

The video advertisement tells the light-hearted story of a man surprised by his pretty neighbour asking to borrow some lemons. It must have been the attractive design of her mask that got his attention, and who can blame him? Llama Party Grey is a cute and original design!

Eco Familia - Llama Party Gris

Not all of the actors in the advertisement are wearing our masks, but we did spot a few others: Lemur Picnic, Surf and is that Eco Lino At the back? You can see the full range of our masks at our online store – UNE0065 certified, 100% cotton and made in Barcelona. Check us out!

The Catalan supermarket chain Condis, which also has stores in Aragon and Madrid, doesn’t actually sell our masks (why not Condis? Call us!). But it seems they needed some attractive masks for their campaign so naturally they chose MasksForAll!

It's no surprise - our thousands of happy customers can't be wrong!