MasksForAll says thanks for buying local with a huge discount!

You may have heard that a certain massive global company is having a promotion on the 13th and 14th of October, but did you know that you can also enjoy an amazing discount by shopping local?

Instead of giving your hard-earned cash to a corporation known for its reluctance to pay tax or look after its workers, you can enjoy a fantastic discount from a local company which has been supporting local employment, paying taxes and donating to local charities since we began. Take this opportunity to stock up on masks with a very substantial discount! For two days only you can use the code PRIME40 to get 40% off at MasksForAll shop. We'll also throw in one of our cool Aluminium Water Bottles with every order made during the discount period! 

It's a way for us to say thanks to all of our loyal customers who’ve been with us since the beginning of this crazy journey – we see you coming back for second and third orders, so thank you for your support! We love seeing people wearing our masks when we’re at the school gate or on our way to work.

Since we started MasksForAll in April at the beginning of the pandemic it’s been all about the local community. At first there was no other choice – when everything shut down in March it suddenly became impossible to import anything, let alone masks, from far away. Instead, we found a local workshop just outside Barcelona which had come to a standstill due to the lockdown and started making masks locally. As demand has increased, we’ve continued to make our masks in Barcelona, which not only ensures excellent quality but supports local employment as we all face tough economic times ahead.

We’ve also recognised that although everyone needs masks, not everyone can afford them. We’ve donated thousands of masks to local charities who help people in need. And by promoting the idea of washable, reusable masks instead of disposable ones, we’re doing our bit to help the environment. Why buy a plastic mask that’s been flown halfway around the world when you could buy a reusable one made right here?

We know our customers because we are the same as you – families figuring out from one day to the next how we’ll get through these strange times. Being close to our customers means that we care much more than some far-away supplier about making a high-quality product and providing excellent service.

We sincerely believe that our masks are the best available – they’re UNE0065 certified, 100% cotton come in a range of sizes and gorgeous designs and colours. We know you agree because of the thousands of positive reviews you’ve sent us!

When you choose to buy local, you’re supporting businesses like ours and your local community. For two days we’re saying thank you by giving you a huge 40% discount – don’t miss out! Use PRIME40 at the checkout for 40% at MasksForAll Shop on the 13th and 14th of October only.

And keep buying local – we’re all in this together!