New Requirements for the Sale of Hygienic Face Masks

The Spanish ministry of consumer affairs has announced new requirements for the sale of hygienic face masks in Spain. MasksForAll is happy to tell you that we fully comply with the new requirements.

From now on, only masks which have been tested by an accredited laboratory to determine their filtration capacity can be sold as hygienic masks. You can read the full details of the government’s announcement here.

Here at MasksForAll, we continue to meet all the new requirements for hygienic masks - we haven’t had to make any changes, because our masks already meet the new higher standards.

When we first started making masks here in Barcelona at the beginning of the pandemic, we did so with the safety of our own families at the forefront of our minds. From the beginning we ensured that our masks met the highest standards of quality, safety and legal compliance. Our masks have always complied with the Spanish UNE0065:2020 and the EU CWA17553:2020 requirements for hygienic masks.

Our masks have been tested by the independent and authorised laboratory AIJU to demonstrate that they provide greater than 90% filtration after washing, for up to 25 washes. You can read all the details about the tests our masks and fabrics have undergone on our certifications page.

Of course, our masks are also suitable for children who are required to wear masks at school.

If you’ve bought our masks in the past, you can be assured that they meet the new standards. If your mask comes from elsewhere, and you’re not sure of its quality, we invite you to check out our wide selection of 100% cotton masks, made right here in Barcelona.

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