What legal and safety specifications do MasksForAll masks comply with?

You’ve probably figured out by now that not all masks are the same. Here are some things you need to know about the MasksForAll mask:

It’s a hygienic mask

Masks are classified into three types in this Spanish government guide

Hygienic masks – recommended for people without symptoms, and for children. MasksForAll masks are classified as hygienic masks. 

Surgical masks – recommended for people infected or with symptoms. These are disposable masks that you can buy at pharmacies. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) – necessary for medical staff and others in direct contact with people infected with Covid-19. 

It's approved as compliant with the UNE 0065 and EU CWA17553 

Not all hygienic masks are the same. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Spanish government introduced a specification setting out the requirements for the materials used and the design, manufacture, marking and use of hygienic masks – the UNE 0065 specification

Later, the European Union also published its own version similar specification for community face coverings: CEN Workshop Agreement 17553:2020.

Not all masks comply with this specification – homemade and non-certified masks are still perfectly legal, but you can’t be sure of their effectiveness. 

MasksForAll masks have been tested and approved as complying with the UNE0065 specification and the EU CWA17553:2020. You can read more about this on our certifications page. 

The inner lining is a filter

The MasksForAll masks are made with two layers of fabric. The inner layer is a special technical fabric which has been treated to be water-repellent and anti-bacterial, and tested for filtration and breathability. It acts as a filter. 

The test results of the lining fabric are pretty impressive: The filtration of bacteria (BFE) and particles larger than 0.4 microns is greater than 94% (tested against UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019). 

It passed the breathability test with a differential pressure <60Pa / cm2 (against UNE ENISO 12945-2). 

And it was also found to be resistant to liquids and a barrier or aerosols and droplets in the air (water-repellent) when tested against EN-13795.

These properties are certified to last for at least 25 washes. After that, the fabric will gradually lose its properties, but the mask can still be worn. It will be at least as effective as a home-made mask and because the two layers of fabric form a pocket, an optional filter can be added if desired. 

It fits better than a surgical mask

We’ve thought a lot about how to make the mask fit well and the design we’ve come up fits in a way that is both comfortable and promotes the effectiveness of the mask. The curved shape reduces gaping over the nose and comes down under the chin so it doesn’t move while being worn.

Surgical masks have a rectangular shape and only come in one size which means many people, especially children, find they don’t fit well because there are gaps around the side. MasksForAll masks come in five different sizes meaning everyone can find one that fits comfortably and securely. 

Soul Mates MasksForAll

It protects you and those around you

There’s a lot of confusion about whether hygienic masks protect the wearer, or only those around the wearer. 

The main purpose of government measures requiring everyone to wear a mask in public places is to prevent people who are infected from spreading the infection to others. This is important, because many people with Covid-19 have no symptoms and do not know they are infected. Homemade and untested masks do a pretty good job as a simple barrier to catch sneezes and coughs and reduce the rates of transmission. In this sense, any mask is better than none. It’s an act of solidarity to wear a mask because you are protecting others, while in turn being protected by others’ masks. 

But, understandably, people would also like to know if their mask offers them some protection from becoming infected too. The good news is that, if the mask is certified as complying with the UNE 0065 specification, then yes it does, as this extract from the government guide illustrates:


Hygienic masks are not PPE, but if you choose a mask with a good fit, a lining fabric with certified filtration properties and the UNE 0065 approval like our mask, then you can rest assured that it does provide some protection against picking up the virus from others. 

Some people think an FFP2 mask is necessary for this, but outside of medical contexts, the government guide says that it’s not necessary: "If you’re not a professional, you’re not in contact with the virus, or participating in high-risk activities related to Covid-19, you don’t need this type of mask to protect yourself from infection, unless it is medically indicated.”

It's made in Barcelona with the best quality materials

All fabrics used have Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which certifies them as free of substances harmful to human health, and are 100% cotton. Some ranges are GOTS organic cotton (see individual product descriptions). We carefully select all our materials make our own masks in Barcelona, supporting local employment. 

And as well as all the technical specifications, did we mention that MasksForAll masks come in a range of attractive designs? Check them out on our site here.