Paint Your 'Everything will be OK' Rainbow for a good cause! Join our charity colouring in collaboration @masksforallshop art appeal

Kids and adults, join us to draw, paint or create your “Everything will be OK” rainbows with “Todo saldrá bien / Tot sortirà bé / Everything is going to be Ok” below it, or any language you want, and send them to us so we can share them on our social media. We will also turn the rainbows into a beautiful collage which we will print onto a fabric and use it to make a special edition collection of cloth hygienic face masks for kids and adults. 

On our path from confinement to normality, and in line with government and CDC recommendations, we will need face masks as well as other measures to stop the spread of the pandemic. This proposes a unique problem for families with kids because the masks being given away are uncomfortable, ill fitting and adult size. The unique needs of a family are not being taken into account. 

A few mothers have come together with local businesses which had closed down due to the pandemic, to come up with an innovative solution to this problem by making hygienic cloth face masks in all sizes from 2 Years old to adult. Our first collection of masks are available now for delivery within a week at

The ‘Todo saldrá bien’ product pack will be available on pre-order from today. For every pack of three units sold, we will manufacture an additional unit to be donated to families in need or vulnerable people. 

How to take part: 

  1. Follow @masksforallshop on Instagram or Facebook
  2. Once these creations are ready, parents take a photo preferably in maximum luminosity without shadows and send them to us on Instagram direct message or via Facebook message - @masksforallshop

The entries are open from today until 20th April 2020. 

We will print and sew the masks in the following two weeks and deliver by mid May.

The end fabric will be a printed pattern with random rainbows from different children, multiple rainbows on each mask made by our little artists.