What are the advantages of using ecological detergents?

What are the advantages of using ecological detergents?

At EARTHFORALL we are committed to the use of ecological detergents over traditional detergents because of our commitment to sustainability and the protection of the natural environment.

Protección del medio ambiente

We are committed to manufacturing and distributing products that meet the highest sustainability standards in the market. We manufacture, design and search for products that really meet the requirements to the maximum. For this reason, the products we have sought in our store for household cleaning are ECOLABEL which means and certifies that the products are more environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle, that is, from the consumption of raw materials, production, distribution to use and disposal.

Here are some more reasons why we have fallen in love with them:

Safe Detergents

Ecological soaps involve less use of hazardous chemicals in their production because they are made with natural products and generate less risk to people's health.

They generate less packaging and less CO2 emissions

Ecological detergents in concentrated capsules generate less packaging than traditional soaps and reduce the size of the packaging. They take up less space, both in transport and on the shelves or at home, which translates into less CO2 emissions. For example, one truckload of FLOPP is equivalent to 3.5 truckloads of the same product packaged in the traditional system.

Menos reducción de CO2


Handling safety

There is no direct handling of the products, thus ensuring maximum protection for families. The capsule film of FLOPP products contains Bitrex, officially the most bitter substance in the world, thus avoiding possible ingestion.

Energy and cost savings

If you wash your clothes with ecological detergent, you will also save energy and consumption! These soaps are suitable for use at low temperatures, so you will not need to heat the water when cleaning your items or pieces of clothing.

100% biodegradable and compostable packaging

A unique initiative in the market today. The packaging of Flopp, our detergent brand, is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

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