Our Story

Welcome to Masks For All Shop, inspired by the #masksforall movement on social media, created to provide cloth masks for all the family and filters for your homemade masks. We are responding to the current situation and have researched and developed the best masks, focusing on being eco-friendly, economical and charitable. 

MasksForAll Shop was founded in March 2020 by Amy Holden, a Barcelona mum and toy manufacturer. The project came from a natural instinct to care for her family and an understanding of the steps we will need to bring us back to normality after a pandemic. Amy realised her children, 2 and 9 years old, would need masks. After not finding any locally she used her business network in Asia to import some but, due to various issues caused by the global crisis, they still have not arrived. Amy decided to have some made locally in Catalonia, Spain.

Amy and her children with the first masks for MasksForAll

The local sewing workshops have minimum orders by the thousands, so the idea of MasksForAll Shop was born. Amy’s business, World Alive, is hiring a tailor workshop just outside Barcelona who had lost their jobs because of the Covid19 pandemic. Amy has access to high quality filter material locally through a family contact. Another member of her family, Nora Guasch, a Barcelona children’s fashion designer, has collaborated to develop the mask patterns and is consulting the project. All the businesses involved are detailed in the Partners page. 

The project is developing quickly and delivery is now possible all over Europe. Customers range from individual families to businesses preparing for their staff to return to work with masks, schools and pharmacies. Plain, patterned and branded masks are available but the featured product is always the Solidarity pack which donates a mask for every pack of 3 bought. Donations will be to families in need, children's and maternity hospitals and to the Red Cross. 

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


MasksForAll Team