Reusable make-up remover pads (pack of 8)

  • REUSE with EarthforAll | Our pack includes 8 soft hemp fabric exfoliating and make-up removing discs. Make-up remover discs are perfect for removing stubborn makeup and exfoliating sensitive skin.
  • IDEAL FOR CLEANSING AND APPLYING OILS | They are ideal for cleansing the skin and applying toner or oil.
  • RESPECT YOUR SKIN RESPECTING THE PLANET | Every year a woman uses between 400 and 600 disposable cotton pads to remove makeup. That makes them the fifth most important waste in the bathroom. It's easy to reduce consumption by using reusable cloth pads.
  • GIFT NET BAG | Includes a mesh laundry bag so you won't lose the pads between towels or in the washing machine, especially ideal for travel and transport.

Pack of 8 exfoliating makeup remover discs, made of hemp fiber, washable, with organic cotton bag. Discs: 8 x 8 cm. Larger than single use cotton discs.

Recommendations: Wash before use, do not bleach. The discs may deform a little when washed.

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