Heat Pack

The EarthForAll Heat Pack is perfect for relieving aches and pains and fits all areas of your body. You can also use it simply to keep warm or cool off. It's easy to use and warms up in minutes. It wraps around the neck, reaches from shoulder to shoulder, down the spine, across the lower back and across the belly. It can wrap around the wrist, elbow, ankle or knee. It is so versatile that it fits everywhere and anywhere. The flexible seeds conform to the body to provide instant relief.

Cherry pit heat pack, washable cotton cover made from naturally grown and dried cherry pits.

Measurements: 20cm x 50cm

It is an easy, natural and effective way to relieve neck pain, sore muscles, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, arthritis pain, bruises or to warm cold feet and ensure a warm bed while you sleep.

Cherry pits tend to conform to the shape of the body, making the heat/cold have better contact with sore areas. Small and round, cherry pits also function as a soothing massager.

  • They are heated to soothe sore muscles or bones, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps or relaxation. When warmed, the pillow gives off a gentle cherry scent.
  • Cool it to help bruises, burns or use as a compress for tired eyes or heat.

Directions for use:

    Heat for three minutes in the microwave or in an oven safe dish for 15 minutes at 150c in a conventional oven. If you cool it in the freezer, put it in a plastic bag first to keep it dry.

    To clean it:

    Place the Thermal Sack inside a pillowcase (for safety) and wash it at 30c, then tumble dry or dry it flat in full sun.